Sunday Times Big Weekend in Tallinn

Few cities in Europe are as beautiful, as welcoming, as fascinating as Tallinn. But few people know about it and when I told friends I was heading there for the weekend I encountered plenty of blank faces and more than a handful of questions regarding its whereabouts.

So I was delighted to put together a guide to the Estonian capital for the Sunday Times recently. Read my feature on how to get the best out of your Big Weekend in Tallinn.


Times Melbourne and beyond supplement

Although I write the Rough Guide chapter on Western Australia I have to admit that I have a soft spot for the state’s much smaller sibling in the west, Victoria. And not just because Melbourne is a fantastic city, with a vibrant culture and great food scene, but also because the landscapes and wildlife there are so beguiling.

I’ve spent plenty of time travelling around Victoria and never fail to be captivated by the towering rock stacks of the Twelve Apostles, or the dripping rainforests of the Otways. I still delight in spotting a koala up a gum tree or watching my husband trying to fend off crimson rosellas as he chucks another steak on the barbie. And I never grow tired of the Grampians, an epic landscape of granite mountains where you can even sit in the Jaws of Death.

The Times recently published a whole supplement on this wonderful state and I was able to share my experiences in two separate articles, one on the state’s great outdoors, the other on taking a chilled out tour around Melbourne and its surroundings. The whole supplement is available outside the Times’ pay wall here.



Tenerife: the island’s secret side

Tenerife is one of my favourite islands, but it is a destination that is greatly misunderstood. Yes, you can just fly here and flop, or party hard in the clubs of Playa de las Americas, but that it not the island I know and love.

Mine is one of verdant rainforest and lunar landscapes, of black sand beaches, volcanic rock pools and gorgeous ancient towns. And now thanks to a new direct flight into the north of the island from Heathrow you could even see all this on a weekend break.

Read my piece on Tenerife’s northern side for the Times to find out how.


Hebridean Princess: piece for TTG

Earlier this year I spent a week cruising the Scottish Hebrides on the Queen’s favourite ship, the fabulous Hebridean Princess.

I visited Plockton where I found the largest prawns I’ve ever seen, the beautiful isle of Skye and the incomparable Outer Hebrides, where I hiked on Lewis and cycled across Harris.

My itinerary was one of Hebridean Cruises more active Footloose itineraries and it certainly kept me busy!

Read all about what I got up to on my cruise in the July 2nd issue of TTG.


Melbourne to Sydney: piece for Cox and Kings

There is a debate at the heart of Australia and it is one few travellers have no opinion on. That great debate is simple: Melbourne or Sydney?

I’ve visited both cities many times and love Sydney for its epic harbour and laid-back beach life, Melbourne for its coffee scene and cultural nightlife. But which one is my favourite? I took a road trip to try to answer that question. Find out which side of the fence I landed on (if either) here.

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