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Arran v Skye: article for Fabulous magazine

My favourite country to visit? That’s easy – it has to be Scotland.

But ask me which of Scotland’s islands is my favourite and that’s much trickier to answer. I’ve visited and written about around 40 of the islands off the west and north coasts of Scotland but there are two that tend to stand out, not least because they’re easy to get to.

Arran and Skye both offer wild scenery, copious wildlife and superb hyperlocal seafood. More people (at least in England) know about Skye , and the island is attached to the mainland by a handy bridge, but Arran is quick and simple to reach from Glasgow and has both Highland and Lowland scenery.

I wouldn’t like to side with either of these Hebrides, but I did pit them against each other in a recent article for Fabulous magazine. Check it out here.


Hiking and foraging on the isle of Skye: piece for the Times

I called in to Skye briefly earlier this year on the Hebridean Princess. Despite the rain and the leaden skies I fell instantly in love.

I returned in September, this time to explore properly. I discovered that this breathtaking Scottish island has so much to offer, from challenging hiking to bountiful foraging, boat trips to remote lochs and seaplane flights above an otherworldly landscape.

Find out more about the isle of Skye in my piece for the Times, published in October 2015.