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Guardian article on my hometown of Devizes

I grew up in a small town in Wiltshire called Devizes, a little-visited place that has far more to offer than it might first appear. There’s a brewery for a start. And a canal with one of the world’s longest lock flights. Plus an ancient market square and a museum that is a world leader in Bronze Age exhibits.

I have been lucky enough to write about my hometown several times now and most recently had a feature published in the Guardian to coincide with the town’s very first boutique hotel, The Peppermill, opening.

Read this feature on the Guardian website.

Many thanks to Visit Wiltshire for assisting with this trip.


Avebury: an alternative to Stonehenge

I grew up in Wiltshire and school trips were always to Avebury. I thought that everyone knew about this large but unassuming stone circle amid the rolling plains and corn fields of my home county, but when I left for London it turned out I was wrong.

Because most people ignore this prehistoric site in favour of its far more famous sibling, just up the road. Yes, I blame Stonehenge, with its glitzy new visitor centre and unmissable location next to the A303.

I love Stonehenge but allow me to sell Avebury to you as well. Check out my blog for Cool Places on the stone circle and the other amazing prehistoric sites that lie nearby.